Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

Coming up with healthy snack ideas to satisfy your toddler’s appetite can be quite challenging. Unfortunately, many packaged snacks for kids are loaded with added sugar, refined flour, and artificial ingredients.

Keeping a supply of healthy store-bought and homemade whole foods in the kitchen ensures you always have healthy foods for kids on hand between meal times to serve your toddler a delicious snack incorporating at least two food groups.

Here’s our list of 12 healthy snacks for toddlers that will fill their tummies at snack time and give them the energy and nutrition they need!


Healthy Snack Ideas your Toddler will Love 

Whole Grain Crackers 

Most toddlers love hard foods with a crunch factor. Store-bought crackers made with 100% whole grains and seeds are a great healthy food for kids with a good balance of protein, carbs, and fat. Top with almond butter and banana, mashed avocado and tomato, or marmite and cheese.

Dried fruit

Dried fruit is an easy, naturally sweet, grab-and-go snack for kids and is packed with fibre and potassium. We’re sure your child will love Kiwigarden’s apple and sliced strawberry snacks, loaded with antioxidants but no preservatives, artificial flavours or colours.

Celery with peanut butter

Celery with peanut butter and raisins, or ‘ants on a log’, is a fun way to get toddlers to eat veggies. Cut a celery stalk into three or four pieces, spread peanut butter inside the celery, and pop a few raisins on top. This snack provides a good balance of protein, carbs, and fat.

Packaged snacks

Cheese-loving toddlers won’t get enough of Kiwigarden’s cherry, broccoli, or carrot cheesy bites. They’re an excellent way to introduce more fruit and veg in savoury on-the-go toddler snacks.

Our Manuka UMF honey pops help maintain high immune levels during flu season and add a boost of vitamin C. Kiwigarden’s yummy yoghurt drops with NZ-grown fruits are bursting with flavour and contain probiotics for healthy tummies.


Popcorn is a nutritious whole grain, providing you don’t smother it in sugar-loaded toppings. Instead, air-pop your own popcorn, drizzle with a bit of butter, and sprinkle with grated Parmesan cheese. However, this snack item can be a choking hazard, so use caution with young toddlers.

Veggie muffins

Veggie muffins are nutrient-packed adult and kid-friendly snacks. The eggs offer a good source of high-quality protein and vitamins, including vitamin D, folate, iodine, and long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. When you make your own at home, you can sneak in whatever veggies you have on hand. 



Oatmeal energy balls

Oatmeal energy balls are a healthier version of granola bars that the whole family can enjoy. You can even encourage your toddlers to help make this easy snack. These energy bites are loaded with soluble fibre, antioxidants, and healthy fats with no refined sugar. Combine oats, almond butter, sultanas or chocolate chips, flaxseed meal or chia seeds, honey, and vanilla extract. Mix and roll it into balls and pop into the fridge or freezer.

Hard-boiled eggs

A hard-boiled egg is a quick snack and nutritious food that can tide your toddler over until mealtime. Pair with Kiwigarden’s Crunchy Apple Slices or juicy peas & sweet corn and a glass of whole milk or nut milk for long-lasting energy.

Frozen fruit popsicle sticks

Homemade frozen popsicle sticks are a yummy, healthy treat on hot afternoons. Blend frozen fruits with juice, then pour into popsicle moulds. Insert a popsicle stick and freeze overnight.


Fresh fruit and yoghurt

Slice fruit into small cubes so your toddler can eat them safely. Try Kiwigarden’s unique mix of blueberries or strawberries with greek-style natural yoghurt. These delicious small snacks with low sugar make great baby’s snacks as they help support fine motor skills.

Hummus, carrots, and pita dippers 

Most kids love dip! Hummus contains fibre, folate, and antioxidants and is a great way to encourage kids to eat their vegetables. Blitz chickpeas, garlic, pepper, tahini, salt, and lemon juice and serve with carrot sticks, pita bread wedges, or other raw veggies.



Smoothies are a great way to jam in loads of fruit and veg and can be easily customised. Add your child’s favourite freeze-dried fruit, avocado, chia seeds, honey, and frozen spinach.

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When you create these healthy recipes, you’ll be giving your toddlers the energy they need to keep them adventuring in between meals. Shop online with Kiwigarden for healthy snacks for kids made from the freshest New Zealand ingredients. Get free shipping on all NZ orders over $45, and pay just $9.50 for orders to Australia over $50.