Kid-friendly meals for picky eaters

Kid-friendly meals for picky eaters

Finding dinner ideas for kids is no easy feat, especially with a picky eater in the mix. But don’t despair - the right attitude and a selection of delicious recipes are all you need to make mealtimes a hit without sacrificing nutrition

Read our helpful tips for turning the most unwanted foods into family favourites, and check out ideas for the best kid-friendly meals and snacks that even the pickiest eaters will love!

Tips for parents with picky eaters

Don't force-feed your kids

It’s tempting when you’re frustrated, but forcing your kids to eat a meal they don’t like can have negative consequences in the long run. 

Share a meal 

Sharing a family dinner is a great way to create a more positive association with food. It makes mealtimes less about the actual eating and more about spending quality time together. 

Get them involved in preparations

Getting your kids involved with cooking and serving a delicious dinner fosters a sense of control. Let them help choose the veggies, flavours, and toppings, making eating the finished meal a far more exciting prospect!

Be an example

Make sure to show your kids how much you enjoy the food. Trying it with them is a great way to reassure and encourage kids when presenting a new dish

Keep trying!

If your kids don’t like something - keep trying! Kids are constantly growing and adapting. Don’t attach any previous negative emotions when you cook the food again, and before long, it might even become one of their favourite dishes!

Quick and easy meals your picky eater kids will love

Yoghurt drops and crunchy snacks

Try our very own yoghurt drops and other delicious snacks that your kids are sure to love! Enjoy the ultimate in kids food ideas - suitable for lunchboxes with zero prep time needed. 

Veggie enchiladas

Enchiladas are the ultimate comfort food and perfect for a veggie-filled, kid-friendly dinner. They’re also a great way to incorporate potentially daunting foods like broccoli and capsicum. 

Brown rice salad

Brown rice is a versatile and goodness-packed food perfect for conjuring your own recipes. We recommend adding pomegranate to the salad for a healthy touch of sweetness. 

Tasty burritos

Always a hit at the table, burritos are a staple in any collection of dinner ideas for kids. Add refried beans and serve with guacamole for a delicious flavour your kids will love

Cheddar meat loaves

Perfect when served with broccoli and mashed potatoes, this hearty meal is so easy to make! Tasty cheddar cheese is sure to make these meat loaves one of your kidsfavourite foods

Mac and cheese

Turn a classic instant pot favourite into a creamy, fresh, and nutritious pasta dish the whole family will love! We recommend adding frozen spinach and corn to get those vegetables in. 


Homemade pizza is super fun to prepare and undoubtedly one of the best kid-friendly dinners. Let the kids add their favourite toppings and eat the leftovers for breakfast

Popcorn chicken

This healthy homemade version of chicken nuggets is the perfect kid-friendly meal! A great source of protein, popcorn chicken is an easy recipe that uses the spices already in your cupboard.


Cheeseburgers are the perfect dish for when you need a tried and tested meal that all kids love. They’re also a great way to introduce your kids to mushrooms, which taste delicious when added as a filling. 

Cauliflower tacos with cashew sauce

This unique dish has the potential to become a fast family favourite! Cashews are an excellent cheese substitute, making these tacos a great recipe option for vegan kids meal ideas.

Fish fingers and potato fritters

Fantastic for busy nights, fish fingers are a staple addition to any kidsmeals. Potato fritters are a healthier alternative to hash browns that taste just as good. Add zucchinis to get some veggies in!