About Kiwigarden - Happy kids, Happy life.

Let’s face it, happy kids are what we strive for as parents. We want the best for our little ones. And when they are happy, full of energy and sleeping well, doesn’t the rest of life go more smoothly?

To us, the foundation for happy kids is good health. That’s why we developed a range of nutritious snacks made from the best New Zealand ingredients, simple processes and containing no nasty additives or chemicals.

Kiwigarden started as a personal journey to find a better way to feed our own children high-quality, nourishing food. Not only are our snacks healthy, they are super-convenient too. Which makes life with little ones just that little bit easier for mum and dad. Welcome to Kiwigarden, where happy kids means happy life, for the whole family.

Our Ingredients

We use the best quality produce from fruit and vegetable to New Zealand’s natural, creamy yoghurt and a touch of premium Kiwi honey. We also add a sprinkling of powerful super foods like antioxidant-rich blueberries, and probiotic cultures such as acidophilus and bifidus, for happy, healthy tummies.

Our Process

The way we make our snacks is simple and the result is simply super. By freeze-drying our fresh ingredients, we gently remove the water and lock in all the goodness. Compared to other drying methods, our process retains all the nutritional benefits and produces snacks with a delicious crunch that kids love. Our snacks have no preservatives and no artificial colours or flavours. We strive for transparency at every stage of production. Every batch we produce is thoroughly tested to ensure all the goodness remains and all of our products are fully traceable.


We work with over 35 local suppliers to help bring you the very best. This includes ingredients, service, logistics and more. That’s our way to support local businesses and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Promise

It’s simple. Naturally healthy snacks made from the best, quality ingredients that are tasty, convenient and great for growing kids.

What’s different about Kiwigarden?

We use an innovative process called freeze drying, whereby we gently remove all the moisture found in produce and lock in virtually all the goodness (nutrients, enzymes and this unbelievable crunch!).

Conventional drying techniques that use heat tend to depletes the nutrients in produce. So, we chose a technique that occurs at below zero temperatures to capture the goodness in produce.

"Live like an astronaut. Did you know freeze-dried food retains 98% of its raw nutrition but weighs only 20% of its original weight, making it a favourite for lunchboxes, on-the-go snacks, even NASA’s astronauts?"

We won’t over-ripen or spoil because the enzymes inside us don’t have any water or oxygen to react with.

Basically our produce stays fresh and crunchy like the day they were picked to provide honest, farm-fresh goodness you can taste.