Kiwigarden FAQ's

What is Kiwigarden?

Kiwigarden is a range of all-natural, no nasties snacks which using freeze-drying technique to lock in virtually all the goodness found in produce, while delivering a highly nutritious and crunchy snack.

Why is freeze drying better than conventional drying?

Unlike conventional drying methods that use heat, freeze drying is a gentle process that occurs at below zero temperatures, which locks in virtually all the goodness in the ingredients we use.

What is the shelf life of your snacks?

Our snacks have a shelf life of 24 months so there’s no hurry to gobble them down (although you will want to!).

How much sugar goes into your snacks?

Sugar fall into two groups, ‘naturally occurring sugar’ and ‘added sugar’. Most of the sugar content in our snacks comes from sugar occurring naturally in foods such as sun-ripened fruit and vegetable, milk and honey. With some fruits like berries being a little sour at times, we use a sprinkle of raw sugar. Below is the amount of raw sugar that goes into our snacks before freeze drying. -Mixed Berry Yoghurt drops: 4% -Raspberry & coconut yoghurt drops: 4.8% -Gold Kiwi yoghurt drops: 5.5% -Banana & Honey yoghurt drops: 2.5% -Passionfruit yoghurt drops: 5.5% -Strawberry yoghurt drops: 5.5% -Natural Greek yoghurt drops: 6.5% - Crunchy Apple Slices: 0% - Sweetcorn Kernels: 0% Greek Style yoghurt drops & whole blueberries: 6.5% Greek Style yoghurt drops & strawberry slices: 6.5% Green Peas & Sweetcorn Kernels: 0% Crunchy Apple & Strawberry slices: 0%

What type of gelatin do you use in your yoghurt drops?

Gelatine used is of bovine origin. We are also halal certified.

Do your snacks contain allergens?

Our snacks are free from gluten and nuts however, they are processed in the same place as other products which may contain gluten and nuts.

Do you ship overseas?

We currently only ship to New Zealand Australia but we also have distributors internationally.

We are currently experiencing delays in shipping to Australia. Please allow 21 calendar days for parcels to arrive.