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Why choose Kiwigarden?

We know you want the best health for your family. But, we live in a world overflowing with processed foods packed with oil, salt, sugars, trans-fats and calories. We understand this can make the search for healthy snack options challenging for Kiwi families.

Here at Kiwigarden, we believe eating healthier food doesn’t need to be boring.

Our nutritious treats are made from quality ingredients with no harmful additives or chemicals. Add our filling, health-packed fruit and veggie snacking options to your little ones’ lunch boxes or store them in the pantry to sustain them between meals.

What's the Kiwigarden difference?

Kiwigarden’s healthy snacks are made with real fruit or vegetables. We freeze-dry our ingredients to make food packed with nutrients and enzymes. The result is a crunchy, healthful snack that children of all ages love to eat.

We also add a touch of powerful superfoods that are gentle on little tummies, such as blueberries rich in natural antioxidants, acidophilus and Bifidus. Plus, all our delicious products contain just the right amount of healthy fat to give your children more stamina and keep them fuller for longer.

We thoroughly test each batch of our nourishing snacks to ensure the nutritional value of our food remains intact.

Great snack ideas for kids

Our yummy yoghurt drops melt in the mouth, are bursting with flavour and contain probiotics for healthy tummies. Choose from a wide range of real fruit options, including banana, berries, gold kiwi and passionfruit. We’re sure your family will love to try each special mix of fruit and Greek-style natural yoghurt. In addition, our special no-added-sugar nibbles make a great snack for babies learning to self-feed as they help support fine motor skills.

Delicious dried fruit snacks

Add more dietary fibre and a powerhouse of nutrition to your family’s diet with our wholesome vegetarian and vegan-friendly fruit or vegetable snacks.

Your kids will love our crunchy Hawke’s Bay apple slices, and our juicy peas & sweet corn equals two servings of daily veggies. Pair these sugar-free snacks with avocado cubes, nut butter, a hard-boiled egg or a cup of nut milk to add extra protein and fat for long-lasting energy.

Treat cheese-lovers with our cheesy bites and carrot cheesy bites, packed with probiotics and a blend of bone-strengthening veggies. Keep immune levels high during colder months and give your children a Vitamin C boost with our Manuka UMF honey pops. We add just a hint of lemon to these yummy lollipops for a flavour explosion.

Which of our tasty treats will you try first?

Shop online with Kiwigarden and enjoy free shipping on all New Zealand orders over $45. Or, pay just $9.50 for orders to Australia over $50.

Find great snack ideas with Kiwigarden today.